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2019 Record Store Day BLACK FRIDAY

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IT'S COMING!!!! Record Store Day BLACK FRIDAY is on November 29 and yes we will be loading up on the exclusive releases. Keep in mind we do not take orders ahead of time for these items. That is partly because we do not know until the deliveries come in what we are getting exactly (yes they are that limited & exclusive) plus we have signed a pledge saying we will not do pre-orders and we take it seriously. We do however, encourage you to look at the list in the link below to get an idea of what we might be getting in. CLICK HERE for listing of the Canadian & International releases we will be ordering from.


Trivia Q & A # 39 – 2019

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Trivia Q & A # 39 –...

Q. How did the Swedish band Roxette become popular in North America? A. Roxette became international superstars when their single "The Look" gained traction on US radio where it became their first #1 hit. An American exchange student from Minneapolis brought the song back home to his local radio station. The program director had a hunch the song would blow up and started sending copies of the tape to stations across the country. Known for their #1 hits "The Look," "Joyride," "It Must Have Been Love," and "Listen To Your Heart," Roxette is one of the most successful Swedish acts of all time, second only to ABBA. Since their inception in 1986, the duo has sold over 60 million records worldwide. Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle were already established performers in their native Sweden by the time they formed Roxette. Gessle was the lead singer of the popular band Gyllene Tider ...


Trivia Q & A # 38 – 2019

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Trivia Q & A # 38 –...

Q. What movie inspired Bill Withers to write "Ain't No Sunshine" A. Days of Wine And Roses - In an interview, Bill Withers explained how "Ain't No Sunshine" came about: "I was watching a movie called Days Of Wine And Roses (1962) with Lee Remick and Jack Lemmon. They were both alcoholics who were alternately weak and strong. It's like going back for seconds on rat poison. Sometimes you miss things that weren't particularly good for you. It's just something that crossed my mind from watching that movie, and probably something else that happened in my life that I'm not aware of." This was Withers' first hit. After spending nine years in the US Navy, he had a job at a factory making parts for airplanes when he was introduced to Booker T. Jones from Booker T. & the MG's. Booker was an elite session musician with Stax Records, where Otis ...


Trivia Q & A # 37 – 2019

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Trivia Q & A # 37 –...

Q. What was the first song Paul McCartney wrote? A. "I Lost My Little Girl" is the first song Paul McCartney ever wrote. He was 14 years old when he penned it, and the year was 1956. He wrote it using a Framus Zenith model 17 acoustic guitar that he kept throughout his life. The song wasn't officially released until 1991, after McCartney performed it for MTV Unplugged. There's also a rehearsal version of it sung by John Lennon during the Beatles Get Back Sessions.


Trivia Q & A # 36 – 2019

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Trivia Q & A # 36 –...

Q. What song came to be after wearing yellow suits for Magic! A. DANCE MONKEY. Magic! frontman Nasri Atweh admitted to Rolling Stone that after "Rude" became a hit, he grew tired of singing it. "I started to feel like a dancing monkey," he said. "I'm definitely a good sport. I had fun singing 'Rude' every time. But when you do it so many times in a row every day you start to feel that way. Especially as creative beings." Combined with wearing a yellow suit when they performing on Dick Clark's Rocking New Years Eve show. The experience ended up inspiring "Dance Monkey."



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Winner of Bill Walters art work draw

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Winner of Bill Walters art...

We had an in-store draw that ended on August 31, 2019 for a chance to win a Bill Walters original artwork. Happy to say the winner is a young lady that is a regular customer. Congratulations Nicole Allan.



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Starting as low as $4.87 each, selected CD's and DVD of JOE COCKER are now on the Cheeky Monkey 'GREAT DEALS' wall while supplies last. Titles on CD include... ... With a Little Help from My Friends is the debut album by singer Joe Cocker, released in 1969. It was certified gold in the US and peaked at number 35 on the Billboard 200. The title track was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and originally performed by the Beatles on the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; it has been inducted into both the Grammy Award Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.[1] Cocker's version was the theme song to the television series The Wonder Years during the 1980s and 1990s. ... Fire It Up is the twenty-second and final studio album by Joe Cocker, released on 6 November 2012 ... Ultimate Collection is a compilation album ...


Trivia Q & A # 35 – 2019

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Trivia Q & A # 35 –...

A. How did the Nirvana song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" come to be? Q. Kathleen Hanna, the lead singer of the group Bikini Kill, gave Cobain the idea for the title when she spray painted "Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit" on his bedroom wall after a night of drinking and spraying graffiti around the Seattle area. In his pre-Courtney Love days, Cobain went out with Bikini Kill lead singer Tobi Vail, but she dumped him. Vail wore Teen Spirit deodorant, and Hanna was implying that Cobain was marked with her scent. Cobain didn't know it when he wrote the song, but Teen Spirit is a brand of deodorant marketed to young girls. Kurt thought Hanna was complimenting him on his rebellious spirit, as someone who could inspire youth. Sales of Teen Spirit deodorant shot up when this became a hit, even though it is never mentioned in the lyrics.


Blackmore & Blackmore CD Release for Sept. First Friday

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Blackmore & Blackmore CD...

September First Friday at the Cheeky Monkey: Blackmore and Blackmore Show The Creative Way To Move Ahead And Release A CD by Brian Hay There are right and wrong ways to do everything. What Mike Blackmore did with his two instruments, a set of looping devices and a healthy influx of creative imagination was definitely an illustration of one of the right ways. Technological aids are frequently used to create shortcuts. That’s one of the knocks against them. Another is the reputation they’ve acquired for stripping the music of its warmth. With Mike Blackmore there’s no shortcuts. That, along with the imagination involved, and the fact that everything is put together live, insures the music carries the spontaneity and warmth of something that’s been created on the spot. That’s true of his live shows and of his new release, the CD ‘Coyote’. Mike doesn’t use prerecorded tracks. Songs begin with whichever instrument fits ...