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Yo La Tengo’s new album There’s a Riot Going On will be released March 16th on Matador Records. This is a warm, ambitious record, a striking self-produced creation from one of the most celebrated and adventurous bands in rock history, whose dynamic range touches on pure noise and serene beauty and everything in between.yo la riot

Following their sold-out eight night run of Hanukkah shows in NYC this past December, Yo La Tengo commence their world tour on March 28th. They return to Canada for a show March 31st at Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre and continue with UK and European dates through April and May.

There’s A Riot Going On is available on US import CD, double vinyl and an Indie exclusive on orange vinyl.

“A quarter-century hasn’t diluted their chemistry an ounce.” NPR

The four offerings from There’s a Riot Going On find Yo La Tengo explore an array of sounds. “You Are Here” is a sprawling instrumental that builds from a lone drone into a dreamy mix of guitars and synths that swirl above a steady, but subtle, stomp of percussion. “Shades of Blue” is a folky tune that veers slyly into the hypnotic as Georgia Hubley meditates on loneliness and heartbreak: “Choosing the color/ for my particular point of view/ Just kidding myself/ They’re all shades of blue.” “She May She Might,” Yo La Tengo further play with elements of psychedelia as Ira Kaplan croons sweetly amidst a melange of rich guitar, airy synths, steady bass and the soft patter of drums. “Out of the Pool,” Yo La Tengo mix these mind-bending qualities with a twinge of funk reminiscent of their new album’s namesake, Sly and the Family Stone’s There’s a Riot Goin’ On”.- Rolling Stone


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