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WE ARE a youth friendly store…

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Following is an email I received.  We are very pleased and honoured !

Hello Mary Anne,

The Youth Friendly Community Committee appreciates all of the support that
you provide to Sarnia’s youth by promoting their events and by encouraging
youth talent to perform at the Cheeky Monkey! The Committee believes that
the Cheeky Monkey is a youth friendly store!

The Committee has recently developed its own logo – reDEFINING YOUth with words  around it reflecting the characteristics of Sarnia as youth friendly.  The Committee is planning to identify businesses/organizations/events that they consider youth friendly, and encourage them to be recognized as a youth friendly environment by displaying the logo.

We hope you will support the youth by displaying the logo. Wouldn’t it be great to see the youth friendly sign all over Sarnia!

Thanks for your support!

Alison Mahon
Youth Friendly Community Committee,
Community Round Table


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