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Umphrey’s McGee has teamed up with Flight School — a multi-media creative studio with award-winning expertise in ground-breaking VR and AR content. It combines music and colors and utilizes AR to play with the viewer’s perception of reality.

Visit to download the Umphrey’s AR App, which will turn your mobile device into a viewing portal to another realm of awesomeness as you watch your LP come to life through the screen.mcgee

Over 2200+ live shows, 10 studio albums, and 20 years as a band can teach you a few things. Behind the near non-stop touring, Umphrey’s continues to carve out time to harness the energy of their live performances into the precision of its studio craft. it’s not us is the most vibrant, mature expression of that growing studio prowess yet.

The evolution of the songwriting is a reflection of life lived, of confidence gained. Life is relentless, and so deserves a relentless soundtrack.

For a band that is influenced by everything, there is clearly no fear to tread anywhere. The musical colors are pushed around with a fluidity that is both niche and accessible. In a world rife with ADD, hitting play on it’s not us is like hitting shuffle on your entire family’s music library.

From vulnerable, stripped down acoustic (“You & You Alone”) to ferocious, blistering rock (“Dark Brush”), it’s not us encapsulates a diversity that you rarely find in a single band. It’s all over and it’s all here. It’s quintessential Umphrey’s.

The songwriting is invigorating, making the band feel 20 years young. The cinematically rocking album opener (“The Silent Type”) is an id-provoked refl ection on temptation and its potential consequences. The lyrical adventurousness on display ranges from deep self-exploration (“Maybe Someday”) to its juxtaposed counterpart about hungover parenthood (“Whistle Kids”).

The sonic landscape is both refined and exploratory, tempered but furious, with each listen as fresh as the first The album displays a band at its peak prowess, creating music with both precision and emotional content 20 years into a career. it’s not us exudes a familiarity yet a complete sense of uniqueness.

There is no one that sounds like Umphrey’s McGee and you’d be hard pressed to find another band making albums as involved and diverse. it’s not us is an expression about it being bigger than individuals, it really isn’t about them – but all of us.


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