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Trivia Q & A # 46 – 2017

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nov 18 frankQ. The Canadian pianist, Frank Mills, born June 27, 1942, had several successful instrumental numbers that made it to both the Canadian music charts and the U.S. Billboard charts. What was the title for his most famous piece of music?

A. Music Box Dancer – He won a Juno in 1980 for his bouncy piano tune, “Peter Piper”, but it was “Music Box Dancer” that not only out sold “Peter Piper”, but also went higher on both the afore mentioned charts and stayed there longer.
nov 18 frank boxThe internationally acclaimed Mills, would probably never have had “Music Box Dancer” recognized had his new record label not sent a copy of it by accident to pop-station CFRA-AM in Ottawa. After playing the A-side, the DJ couldn’t understand why they had sent the record to his station, but decided to try playing the B-side which had “Music Box Dancer” on it. The rest is history. Frank retired from music in 1990 after a successful twenty year career.


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