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Trivia Q & A 23 – 2017

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june 16 hip cdQ. What Kingston band’s video for “The Darkest One” featured Don Cherry delivering fried chicken to the Trailer Park Boys?

A. Tragicially Hip it appears on the album In Violet Light (2002) and on the compilation album Yer Favourites (2005).

The video begins with Julian and Bubbles and a character named Gord (Gord Downie, lead singer of the band) waking up Ricky. They tell him they are going to steal an engine for Gord’s car in exchange for take-out chicken. The music begins, and the boys wait for their chicken dinner, which is delivered by someone who looks suspiciously like Don Cherry . But before they can eat, they have to steal the engine.
While the band plays in his trailer, Gord hangs out with a bunch of Bubbles’ kitties and the boys break into the hood of a nearby car. Gord takes the old engine out and the June 16 hipboys haul the new one to the trailer in a shopping cart. They discover the the kitties have eaten the buckets of chicken while they were working. In a moment of clever manipulation, they call the chicken place back complaining that the buckets were empty when they were delivered, and Don Cherry returns with a new order. The boys short-change the man and they scuffle. He leaves, and they eat the chicken and finish work on the engine, then take it for a spin.


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