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Trivia Q & A # 13 – 2020

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Q. Who wrote out the lyric cards for Bob Dylan’s video of Subterranean Homesick Blues?

A. The promotional clip for this song is arguably one of the most famous music videos of all time. Shot in 1965 as part of the documentary Don’t Look Back (chronicling his tour of England), it features Dylan standing in an alley behind the Savoy Hotel in London. He is holding cue cards, which he flips through as the song progresses. On the cards are select phrases from the song’s lyrics, often with purposeful misspellings. These cue cards were written by Dylan along with the folk singer Donovan, the musician Bob Neuwirthand, and the beat poet Allen Ginsberg (these latter two can be seen in the actual video, standing just behind Dylan).

This video has been spoofed countless times – notable parodies include Weird Al Yankovic’s video for the song “BOB,” INXS’ “Mediate,” and Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade’s “Buzzards of Green Hill.”
The title may have been a nod to Jack Kerouac’s novel The Subterraneans.

Bringing It All Back Home is Bob Dylan’s fifth album. The record is divided into an electric and an acoustic side. This introduction of electronic instruments lead to Dylan becoming increasingly alienated from the folk community. Furthermore, the album saw Dylan withdraw from protest songs to instead write on more abstract, personal issues.


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