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Trivia Q & A # 10 – 2017

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mar 17 lisaQ. This woman from British Columbia was a label-mate of Garth Brooks when she was signed to a record deal on Liberty Records in Nashville in the mid-nineties. She failed to produce a hit record for the company, and after only two albums the label folded and left her without a recording contract. She returned to Canada and had a string of hit records through the end of the nineties and into the new millennium. She had success with songs like, “How Do I Let Go?”, and “I’d Like to See You Try”. What is her name?

A.   Lisa Brokop (born June 6, 1973) is a Canadian country music singer/songwriter and actress. Active since 1990 in the country music field, she has released a total of seven studio albums and has charted more than twenty singles on the country music charts in her native Canada. Several of these singles have also crossed over to the American country music charts.

Born in Surrey, British Columbia in 1973. By age seven, Brokop was performing on stage with her accordion-playing mother, performing polkas and numerous country music songs. When Brokop was twelve years old, she began sitting in with bands throughout Vancouver, British Columbia and joined a touring band in when she was fifteen. In 1990, when Brokop was only seventeen years old, she issued her debut single, “Daddy, Sing to Me”. The song managed to reach the top ten of the Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart. Her debut album, My Love, was issued the following year on the independent Libre Records label. In June 1991, Brokop graduated from the Princess Margaret Secondary School in her hometown of Surrey; she then proceeded to move south to Nashville, Tennessee to further her country music career.


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