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Trivia 2018 # 46

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November 16
~ Movie ‘Saturday Night Fever’ premiered. Starring John Travolta as Tony Manero, a working-class young man who spends his weekends dancing and drinking at a local Brooklyn discoth√®que; Karen Lynn Gorney as Stephanie Mangano, his dance partner and eventual confidante; and Donna Pescow as Annette, Tony’s former dance partner and would-be girlfriend. While in the disco, Tony is the champion dancer. His circle of friends and weekend dancing help him to cope with the harsh realities of his life: a dead-end job, clashes with his unsupportive and squabbling parents, racial tensions in the local community, and his general restlessness.
The story is based upon a 1976 New York magazine article by British writer Nik Cohn, “Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night”; in the mid-1990s, Cohn acknowledged that he fabricated the article. A newcomer to the United States and a stranger to the disco lifestyle, Cohn was unable to make any sense of the subculture he had been assigned to write about; instead, the character who became Tony Manero was based on an English mod acquaintance of Cohn’s.
A huge commercial success, the film significantly helped to popularize disco music around the world and made Travolta, already well known from his role on TV’s Welcome Back, Kotter, a household name. The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, featuring disco songs by the Bee Gees, is one of the best-selling soundtracks of all time.

~ 1973 – David Bowie appeared in his first TV special, “1980 Floor Show,” broadcast on NBC’s “Midnight Special.”

November 17
~ 1962 – The Four Seasons start a run at #1 with “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
~ 1938 – Gordon Lightfoot was born

November 18
~ 1974 – Genesis releases the concept album “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”
~ 1987 – U2 opened for itself by pretending to be a country-rock group called The Dalton Brothers during a concert in Los Angeles, CA.

November 19
~ 1982 – Led Zeppelin’s album “Coda” was released.
~ 1993 – Nirvana recorded an MTV unplugged concert in New York.

November 20
~ 1946 – Duane Allman was born. One year later (1947) Joe Walsh was born
~ 1995 – A new Beatles recording, “Free As a Bird,” began airing on radio stations. The song had debuted on ABC-TV the night before.

November 21
~ 1965 – Bjork was born
~ 1960 – George Harrison was deported from Germany for being too young to perform there with the Beatles.

November 22

~ 1969 – Led Zeppelin debt on the U.S. charts with “Whole Lotta Love”
~ 1975 – KC & The Sunshine Band tp the charts with “That’s The Way (I Like It)”


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