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Trivia 2018 # 39

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September 28
~ 1958 – “To Know Him Is To Love Him” by the Teddy Bears was released. The song was written and composed by 18-year old Phil Spector.
~ 1993 – Soundtrack for movie Dazed & Confused came out 25 years ago.

September 29
~ 1935 – Jerry Lee Lewis was born
~ Prince and The Revolution start a 2 week run at # 1 with “Let’s Go Crazy”

September 30
~ 1966 – “I Love My Dog” was released by Cat Stevens. It was his first single.
~ 1967 – Mickey Hart joined the Grateful Dead.

October 1
~ 1962 -The Beach Boys album “Surfin’ Safari” was released. It was their first album release.
~ 1982 – The first CD player, the Sony CD-P101, hits stores in Japan

October 2
~ 1951 – Sting was born
~ 1976 – John Belushi came out on stage with Joe Cocker while he was performing on “Saturday Night Live.”
Joe Cocker’s recording career was in a bit of a lull in 1976, with his most recent release, Stingray, stalled at No. 70 on the U.S. chart. But he was still one of the most eagerly anticipated musical guests in Saturday Night Live history when he booked an Oct. 2, 1976, appearance as the show’s musical guest — and all because of John Belushi.
By the time he walked onto the SNL set, Cocker had already been through a career’s worth of ups and downs. Although he’d gone gold with his first two solo LPs in 1969 and enjoyed what seemed like a comeback hit in 1974 with “You Are So Beautiful,” he’d been dogged by personal and label problems along the way, as well as an infamously voracious appetite for controlled substances.
Still, no matter how inconsistent or poorly promoted those records ever got, nobody sang like Cocker — and nobody acted like him on stage, either, making his distinctively soulful howl and spastic movements an easy target for parodists who didn’t mind getting an easy laugh by getting up on stage and flailing around for a few minutes. The best of the bunch was undoubtedly SNL star John Belushi, who’d started perfecting his Cocker act years before SNL debuted.
When Cocker first heard Belushi’s impersonation, he admitted to Rolling Stone that he didn’t know who he was really hearing at first, saying, “I thought John was lip-syncing it, just for a few bars.” “But you have to understand I was a bit of a wreck at the time he was doing all that stuff. I didn’t watch much television, so I wasn’t aware of it until some guy said, ‘There’s this guy doing an awful impersonation of you. Sue him.’ I thought vocally, he did quite a clever job with it.
And as for Cocker’s trademark flailing? It was not, as some suggested, the byproduct of an illness or substance abuse. He simply, as he later told the Guardian, didn’t know how else to get the music out.  “I actually saw myself with Eric Clapton — you know, you see all your old stuff on YouTube now — and I was horrified at myself, with my arms just flailing around,” Cocker chuckled. “I guess that came with my frustration at never having played piano or guitar.  I get excited and it all comes through my body.”

October 3
~ 1992 – Sinead O’Connor rips a photo of Pope John Paul II on Saturday Night Live
~ 1954 – Stevie Ray Vaughan was born

October 4
~ 1970 – Janis Joplin dies from a herion overdose
~ 1963 – Eric Clapton was asked to join the Yardbirds to replace Anthony “Top” Topham.
~ 1969 – The song “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” was released by Crosby, Stills & Nash.


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