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Trivia 2018 # 23

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June 8
~ 1940 – Nancy Sinatra was born
~ 1974 – Rick Wakeman announced he was leaving Yes. Patrick Moraz replaced him on August 18. (MA note – to celebrate of 1 week Anniversary, we went to see Rick Wakeman at Cobo Hall Detroit. Was 2nd concert of my life)

june 4 lesJune 9
~ 1915 – Les Paul was born – Lester William Polsfuss, known as Les Paul, was an American jazz, country, and blues guitarist, songwriter, and inventor. He was one of the pioneers of the solid-body electric guitar. Paul taught himself how to play guitar, and while he is mainly known for jazz and popular music, he had an early career in country music. He is credited with many recording innovations. Although he was not the first to use the technique, his early experiments with overdubbing (also known as sound on sound), delay effects such as tape delay, phasing effects and multitrack recording were among the first to attract widespread attention.
His innovative talents extended into his playing style, including licks, trills, chording sequences, fretting techniques and timing, which set june 4 les guitarhim apart from his contemporaries and inspired many guitarists of the present day. He recorded with his wife Mary Ford in the 1950s, and they sold millions of records.
In 1940 Les Paul created a prototype instrument, a one-off solid-body electric guitar known as “The Log”, which he fashioned from a four-foot wooden board. The Log was built after-hours by Paul at the Epiphone guitar factory, and is one of the first solid-body electric guitars.

June 10
~ Bette Midler has # 1 hit with ‘Wind Beneath My Wings” from movie Beaches

June 11
~ 1969 – David Bowie releases “Space Oddity” to coincide with first lunar landing

June 12
~ 2003 – Van Morrison and Phil Colling inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

June 13
~ 1995 – Alanis Morrissette releases Jagged Little Pill and becomes the first Canadian ever to have a U.S. #1 album

June 14
~ 1968 – Iron Butterfly release In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
~ 1970 – Grateful Dead’s Working Man Blues is released


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