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The legacy of the Northern Pikes continues in 2019 with the release of the band’s brand‐new ninth studio album!

It’s been 16 years since their last studio album ‘It’s A Good Life’ & they are very also excited to announce that Kevin Kane from The Grapes Of Wrath is now an official member of the band.

Recorded at Studio Bell in Calgary, also known as the home of the National Music Centre! The facility includes state‐of‐the art technology, as well as historic, working gear used by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, this brand new album is the follow‐up to their ‘Big Blue Sky’ 30th Anniv release/cross Canada tour and they will be back on the road starting June 30th

Recently The Pikes received a Socan Classic Award to commemorate 100,000 radio performances for their classic “She Ain’t Pretty” in Canada. The band is rocking as hard as they ever have & will be playing many concerts across Canada to promote their new album.

“It’s amazing how some things in life come full circle” says Don, “hopefully we can keep on rockin’ & continue to record new music for many years to come.”



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