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The HJ’s Easy Us Into Fall During Sept. First Friday

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k - HJ's in actionThe HJ’s performance at Cheeky Monkey during the September 2017 First Friday was a night filled with pleasant surprises.

Being a new duo that started playing together only 10 month ago, Harold Collins and Justin Hayes did not really have any kind of reputation to precede them.  From what I had been informed, they were mainly an acoustic act.  Well not for this night.  Also, I mention they are a duo.  Again, not for this night.  The drummer was an unexpected pleasant surprise on many levels.  Chloe Kendel was not only a very new addition this being only her second time playing with Harold & Justin, but she is only 16 years old.  We have known Chloe for many years as a regular customer we always look forward to seeing in the store.  We had no idea she was a drummer – and a really good one at that.

During the HJ’s first set, a song they did that really caught my ear because of Chloe’s drum skills was The Beatles ‘Come Together’.  Her drum rolls were spot on.  Their set list was a balanced assortment of classics such as The Beatles into newer selections from bands like Queens of the Stone Age.  Justin on bass, lead vocals on stand out songs such as No Doubt’s “Just A Girl” where he gave it a roughed up angle and Gnarls Barkley’s huge hit “Crazy” had  a great growl to it then soared to the high notes in harmony with Harold.

A song by Smashing Pumpkins really got the crowd going as did their second Billy Idol song “Rebel Yell”.  I’l admit it had me dancing and recalling my punk years.

The HJ’s did mention as introductions to a couple songs, that they do usually play them acoustically.  I suspect with Chloe now a full time member, they are having so much fun rocking it up, that this might be the direction they are taking going forward.  That is not to say, that if you wanted them to be more low key, they still could.  Just shows how talented and versatile The HJ’s are.

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Next First Friday at Cheeky Monkey is October 6 when we will be hosting Missy Burgess & Sue Webber.  CLICK HERE for details


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