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This 2CD package features rare and previously unavailable material never‐heard‐before outside of Roxy’s inner circle, including tracks taken from the band’s John Peel Radio Session (1972) and their BBC “In Concert” performance from Paris Theatre (1972).roxy

Deluxe CD1 ‐ 1.Re‐Make/Re‐Model, 2.Ladytron, 3.If There Is Something, 4.Virginia Plain, 5.2HB, 6.The Bob (Medley), 7.Chance Meeting, 8.Would You Believe?, 9.Sea Breezes, 10.Bitters End,

CD2 (John Peel Radio Sessions) 1.If There Is Something 2.The Bob (Medley) 3.Would You Believe?, 4.Sea Breezes, 5.Re‐Make/Re‐Model, 6.2HB, 7.Ladytron, 8.Chance Meeting, 9.Virginia Plain, (LIVE) 10.The Bob (Medley), 11.Sea Breezes, 12.Virginia Plain, 13.Chance Meeting, 14.Re‐Make/Re‐Model


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