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OBUXUM is a Toronto based Somali‐Canadian producer and beat maker, whose lush and characteristic sound celebrates story telling.

She has made her presence known with notable festival performances at Wavelength Festival, Kazoo! Fest, Electric Eclectics, and Venus Fest.

NOW Magazine also recently included her in their list of Toronto electronic musicians to watch in 2018.

OBUXUM’s latest EP, H.E.R., released via URBNET in 2018, embodies her inspirations and reflections, to the feel of a rhythmic pulse. Shetells her un‐silenced story of what it is to navigate this world as a Somali‐Canadian woman.

“The black, brown, and indigenous women have inspired me endlessly to remain courageous, daring and bold. That’s what she represents”.

H.E.R. exemplifies OBUXUM’s progression as an artist, by building on her previous works, Luul, ITIYAMA, and 2991.

The record carries through an alternative blend of hip‐hop and electronics, creating a raw and unnamable vibe.


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