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Meet Natalie MacMaster: wife, mother of four and virtuoso Cape Breton fiddler. You know her more as the later than the former; an electrifying performer whose passionate proficiency on the beloved four-string amplifies the traditional East Coast sound for contemporary times.


Her latest release, “Cape Breton Girl”, recorded at Glenn Gould Studios inToronto, sees Natalie return to her roots with a traditionally based album which embodies the true Cape Breton sound. Natalie explains : “While there are other instruments on the recording, it’s the piano and fiddle, the core instruments of Cape Breton music, that make up the bulk of the sound on this recording”.


With two Juno awards, multiple CCMA and ECMA awards, a Grammy nomination, the recipient of the Order ofCanadaand now 11 albums to her credit, MacMaster is a highly acclaimed and versatile artist who has thrilled audiences of all ages and cultures around the world for mare than two decades. Whether performing live or recording in the studio, her exciting sound always leaves listeners wanting more.


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