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Magic Music from Missy & Sue for Oct. 2017 First Friday

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1Review of October 6, 2017 First Friday event featuring Missy Burgess & Sue Webber written by Brian Hay.

First Friday at the Cheeky Monkey was fun and the music was great.

That’s sort of a “given” when the people playing are Missy Burgess and Sue Webber though. They delivered a mix of original material and covers with flair and a spirit of joy that both communicate beautifully.

Originals such as ‘Missy’s Blues’ and ‘Don’t Go To Cincinnati’ shone. Covers such as ‘Smile’ were played with such warmth as to become beacons of light. That’s one of the things music can accomplish though and these ladies work toward that. The sweetest moments came when they did harmony work together. That’s something they’ll hopefully do more of in the future.

And of course there was Missy’s (almost obligatory at this point and it’s a great thing) nod to Tom Waits. ‘Chocolate Jesus’ and ‘The Last Leaf On The Tree’ (the piece he wrote with Keith Richards) got renditions that were straight from the heart.

5Plenty of reasons to be smiling …

For more photos taken by Roland during the evening CLICK HERE

Next First Friday is on November 3 when Cheeky Monkey is will be hosting Wild Cards and a new art exhibit and sale by Bill Walters.  CLICK HERE for details


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