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Their fifteenth studio album, Infest The Rats’ Nest is by far King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s hardest and heaviest album to date. How metal is it? Very Metal. Maybe even more.

Released just six months after the uplifting blues‐rock boogie and deep electro explorations of Fishing For Fishes and drawing on the mid/late 1980s golden period of thrash metal ‐ Metallica and Slayer, certainly, but also lesser‐cited bands such as Exodus, Kreator and Overkill ‐ Infest The Rats’ Nest sees a wholly unexpected creative detour into new sonic terrain.

Because the stats on King Gizzard’s colourful career are stacking up fast: 14 albums in 7 years (including 5 in 2017 alone), headline festival appearances, international critical acclaim ‐ they are now arguably the world’s most innovative, important and productive rock band. And ‐ perhaps most importantly ‐ a fervent worldwide fanbase who share endless memes, mixes, videos, graphics, theories and discussions, all through which they explore and expand what they have termed ‘The Gizzverse’.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are no longer simply a band, they are an organic cult.


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