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July First Friday Fun @ Cheeky Monkey

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Yes it was hot enough to fry an egg on the hood of a car during the July 2012 First Friday.  That fact that didn’t stop the Lambton MainStreet Players from performing for over an hour outside in front of Cheeky Monkey.  These young ladies are true musical troopers.  With acoustic instruments of guitars, beatbox and assorted percussion instrments, they entertained the audience with their wonderful harmonies on songs  both current as well as old favorites.  Three of the four were in the line up for last years Lambton MainStreet Players but all have singing and performing experience.  The group consists of Orley Culverhouse, Riley Martin, Sarah Caraher and Amy Mayea.  Helping with set up and running the sound systems in the mostly unseen Jon Rowed.  Watch for them at other upcoming Lambton County events throughout the summer, including perhaps a return performance at Cheeky Monkey.

About the same time the singing was finishing outside, inside Tony Dowswell and Ric Brown of Chin-Wag were just getting started on their 2 hour performance.  Chin-Wag and Tony as a solo act have played here before and we were happy to have them return.  Tony sings mostly his own songs from his CD ‘Fruits of Your Labour’ along with playing guitar while Ric is the percussionist using bongos and congas mainly.  Tony has a distinctive, pleasing vocal style that well suits his song selections.  Both men are accomplished musicians and a true pleasure to listen to.

If you missed hearing them during First Friday, you can pick up Tony’s CD here at Cheeky Monkey.

Also stopping by during the evening was David Burrows.  David rarely goes anywhere with his trusty video camera and tripod so he is always ready to film local entertainment happenings or do an interview with both local and visiting musicians to broadcast on THE SHOW found either in the Cheeky Monkey Blog or on his website


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