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In the winter of 2011, following extensive Blue Rodeo touring, Jim Cuddy began to write music to accompany his wife Rena‟s comedic short film, “Four Sisters.” It turned out that writing music for the film put him on a creative roll that he continued. Before long he had the kind of material he felt could make up his third solo album, Skyscraper Soul. With two Gold solo albums to his credit, Skyscraper Soul comes on the back of Blue Rodeo‟s Platinum plus The Things We Left Behind.

“I’ve never been much of a royalist but this song is about the royal wedding,” says Cuddy of the album‟s first single “Everyone Watched The Wedding.” “Something about this last wedding got me. When I started reading more about it I realized that there was something about it that is very inspiring. And this was truly a gift. This song just came out. I had come in to the studio to do something completely different and within half an hour I had this song completely sketched out and that doesn’t happen, usually there’s more work involved.”

Production on Skyscraper Soul was handled by Cuddy, guitarist Colin Cripps and Chris Shreenan-Dyck. Jim was joined in Blue Rodeo‟s Woodshed Studio by his touring solo band, The Jim Cuddy Band (Colin Cripps, Bazil Donovan, Joel Anderson, Steve O‟Connor and Anne Lindsay) and a number of Toronto‟s top horn players and string players.


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