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Jim Chevalier & Friends Heat up May First Friday

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The air may have had a slight chill to it outside during the May 4th, 2012 First Friday, but the atmosphere was hot inside Cheeky Monkey thanks to Jim Chevalier, special guest Dave Miner along with the art of Adam Miner and Wendy Starr.

Jim is always a true pleasure to hear perform but adding in Dave’s guitar work and harmonies made the night’s music even sweeter.  Going one step further, Adam Miner joined in with his guitar and vocals on a fab version of The Stones ‘Wild Horses.’

Adam’s paintings also added to the heat of the night.  We at Cheeky Monkey were thrilled to host THE first public showing  of Adam’s vibrant Neo expressionist styled art.  Not many of us knew that Adam even painted.  We thought his talent was in the music field as a writer, performer and producer.  His approach to painting is polar opposite to the way he creates music.  As a producer, he is meticulus and takes time to get the perfect sound.  With painting, he works at a rapid pace, as the inspiration hits him.  Adam’s work

Adding even further to the evening was the one-of-a-kind jewelry collection and sale  ‘Peace of the Starr’ created by Wendy Starr.   This was the 3rd time Wendy has sold here wearable art at Cheeky Monkey.  Perhaps we should consider it our May tradition since her creations make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts.

Up near the front counter, Cathie Blake was here as a representative of the Celebration of Lights selling cool looking Red Solo Wine Cups to raise funds for new lights and repairs of the existing display.   They will be on sale here at Cheeky Monkey again for the June 1st First Friday in case you missed out this month.


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