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Hunting for Cheeky Charlie

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Cheeky Charlie had a blast recently with the Sarnia Photographic Club.  He was hunted, literally, as part of their 2nd Annual Scavenger Hunt entitled “Hawaiian Hunt and Hi-Jinx”   We lost count, but about 9 teams of eager and almost frantic scavenger hunters came in looking for things like guitar picks (several souvenier ones are hanging on the wall including one from Matt Andersen), maple leafs (one team found it on a touque we have for sale that has a Canada Flag on it), Pink Floyd CD (no shortage of those at Cheeky Monkey) and a vinyl record with a date of 2010 on it (no problem there either since we sell NEW and used LP’s).  The most unique item they had to quest for was Cheeky Charlie himself.  The hunters instruction told them they had to have me (Mary Anne), take a picture with one of their cameras of their whole team DANCING with Cheeky Charlie.  What fun Cheeky Charlie had prancing around with them all. Once that was done, they had to remember to ask for a Cheeky Monkey sticker.  I know how these scavanger hunts work… you have to follow the instructions to the letter to get your points so Cheeky Charlie and I sure weren’t going to help by telling some teams I had to take the picture. Some even missed the point of including Cheeky Charlie in their picture.  Let me tell you, he was a little disappointed with that team but hopes they made up their points somewhere else.  Regardless, it made for a fun morning at Cheeky Monkey for everyone – and Cheeky Charlie loved all the attention!  To see even more pictures click on  PHOTO GALLERY at the top of the page.




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