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4-22 5 down the blockWell, there are not enough descriptive words to express how great it was. Thanks to all the wonderful suppliers & customers, we beat last years records every which way.  The suppliers provided us, as best they could, with more interesting titles than ever and the crowds where here to buy them in bigger numbers than previous years.  Along with taking advantage of our ‘We pay the tax’ sale’ we exceeded expectations by a long shot.

The shopper that came the farthest distance we are aware of was from Cincinnati Ohio.  Drove through the night to get here and be at the front of the line outside after he was forwarded our e-newsletter on Friday after closing with the list of exclusives we got by a local friend.  Had a few people in from Michigan, Toronto and London as well.

Part of the fun day was the  3 mystery packages with cryptic names on them to enter in a draw to win.
#1 – Wall Art – winner is Corey McKinlay
#2 – Keeping It Local – winner is Lyle Graham
#3 – Keep It Analog – winner is Stephen Thomson
Thank you to all those who entered.

More thanks go to all those that helped us have such a successful and cheerful day.
Our volunteer staff, including the musicians, were simply amazing.  In no particular order we want to give heartfelt thanks to…
~ Mike Blackmore & Dwayne Cloes for providing the perfect backdrop of live music in the morning. Hope you can come back to play again soon.
4-22 2 RSD staff~ Ross & Laurissa Ellsworth – who have been part of our “staff” for about 5 years (or is it more?) running. They have an instinct for knowing what to do and how to do it right when it needs doing – without us even asking. Ross was helping Roland on the sales floor by assisting customers and refilling inventory as it sold. Laurissa, as always, is my right hand at the checkout. She is the calm in the storm when the line ups start at the checkout.  She helps me keep it all running smoothly and keeps us all laughing.
~Maureen Murphy who has spent the last 3 RSD with us was the lovely lady handing out the free gifts this year. The task suited her normal generous nature perfectly.
~John and Hanne Hettinga joined us for the first time this year.   For never having worked it retail before, they did a magnificent job.  Hanne helped Laurissa and I at the front counter as well as being our ‘gofer’ when needed.  John was the tall door greeter, food server and all round host for the day.  Hope they can come back next year too.
Being surrounded by such good friends willing to lend a hand wherever needed, is heartwarming to say the least.

4-22 12 1st to checkoutAlso need to personally thank Barbara Simpson of The Observer for not only doing a story on us on our big day, but also for being considerate enough to come in twice. Once in the morning before opening to get pictures of the line up and chat with the ever so patient customers, then again in the mid afternoon to interview us once it had quieted down (a tad).  CLICK HERE to read the story if you missed it in the newspaper.
All the other media outlets, we very much appreciate your continued support as well. ~Sarnia Journal is always great at putting all our events in their EVENTS column. ~The Show with David Burrows for displaying our poster in your Community Events videos on
~Sarnia This Week for taking our media releases and making them sound so much better than submitted.
~A big thanks goes to our suppliers for the interesting giveaway items – specifically Mint Records and Outside Music.

Lastly (but not least of course) – hope I didn’t miss anyone… Our wonderful neighbours and friends at Totally Game Meat. Not only did they provide a nibbles tray for everyone to enjoy, but they brought over a crock pot of roasted red pepper soup and tray of spinach brownies for us and our volunteers to have for lunch. It was not only extremely considerate of them, but tasted darn good too. Helped give us all energy to finish off the day with smiles on our faces.

To view more pictures of the day CLICK HERE.  If  you have photos to share, please post them  our Facebook page CheekyMonkeySarnia or email them to


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