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First Friday Debut of Lost in Translation @ Cheeky Monkey

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11The local band Lost in Translation is young in age, but mature in talent.  When we booked the band to play for the August 5, 2016 First Friday, we knew they had only been together for a short time.  As a matter of fact, guitarist Peter McKeown had just joined a few months previous to their playing here.  Original members, vocalist/guitar player Colin Mariuz,  percussionist Tyler Edwards, backup vocalist/bass guitarist Josh Valenti, have know each other for many years, but starting playing music together in just the last 8 months.  In that short time, they have amassed a long playlist with several being added in the last month when they realized they were playing for 2 hours.  And play for 2 hours they did – without a break at any point.

The majority of their songs were covers of classic rock with stand outs like ‘Voodoo Child’ where they let their inner Hendrix shine through and Sweet’s ‘Bar Room Blitz’ that they nailed.  It was obvious they were all big Led Zeppelin fans as they did several of their songs getting the vocals down along with the instruments.  I don’t mean to say there were a perfect as Zeppelin, but boy they did a really good job on each and every song.

They did perform one self penned song called “Lost in Translation” just like the band name.  It was well crafted and we encouraged them to continue writing and playing their own material.

7Several times during the evening, the band had a special pint sized guest.  He is the brother-in-law of drummer Tyler.  This little guy sure has the stage presence down.

The song they ended the night with was perfect – Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Freebird’.  They did it very well, but were unaware that Roland and I joke about this song.  It is every classic rock cover bands along with some not so classic rock bands.  Roland has for years jokingly said that some day he will put together a Freebird Festival where every act has to do their version of the iconic song.  Rock, country, bluegrass, classical, you name it.  Hey – it could happen someday.

In the meantime, we enjoyed Lost in Translation’s version along with all the other songs they played.  We predict you will be hearing about this band often in the coming months.  If you see they are billed somewhere, we highly recommend you check them out.

CLICK HERE for more photos of the evening taken by Roland (Grumpy).

Next month for the September 2nd First Friday we are proud to present D Wayne & The Blue Train.


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