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December 2017 First Friday Ripping Up with Cordcalling

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IMG_6874London ON  Cordcalling consisting of husband and wife duo Denise on drums and Brian of guitar, were our in-store entertainment for the evening of the December 1, 2017 First Friday.  Doing several interesting cover songs with their own distinctive growl and roar to them, along with originals, many customers compared them to The White Stripes, especially as they were doing a White Stripes song.  Some of the other covers they did were U2 ‘Streets With No Name’ where Denise’s vocals very much reminded us of Patti Smith and a version of The Beatles ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ that had an urgency and abruptness to it that made it distinctly their own. Along with these and other covers, they performed many originals from their most recent album release called ‘We Are Still’ .

A quote by  Jason Schnieder of the Kitchener Record dec 6 Cordcalling-WeAreStill-DigitalCover (1)newspaper describes them very well. This husband-and-wife rock duo is “doing more with less”. “Marching to the beat of their own drum.”  They are a force of 2 to be reckoned with.

CLICK HERE to view photos that Roland took.


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