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Cheeky Charlie plays with hue

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Cheeky Charlie sitting in with hue

Friday August 19 was a big day for Cheeky Charlie.  He got his first crush on a girl.  The object of his affection is the lovely singer with the band ‘hue’.  Cheeky Charlie met Jessica while the band was at Cheeky Monkey for a special in-store (actually outside) acoustic performance in the sunshine of the afternoon.  He was honoured to be allowed to sit in with the band and even better dance with his sweetie.  Later that night, hue played at Paddy Flaherty’s.  Roland and I went to Paddy’s to hear hue play with full amplification.  Their brand of catchy pop is certainly infectious.

Dancing with Jessica of hue – being a Cheeky Charlie is GOOD!

You can’t help but bounce along to such great tunes as ‘Bump’ off their new CD ‘Starting Fires’ – which is available to buy in-store at Cheeky Monkey or on the Cheeky Monkey website of course.

For more photos, click on the photo gallery on the top of the Cheeky Monkey website.



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