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Cheeky Charlie meets Lickpenny Loafer

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On Friday Sept. 16, Cheeky Charlie spent a pleasant evening enjoying a cold pint and listening to the Toronto band Lickpenny Loafer at Paddy Flaherty’s. He had read about this band from the event calendar on the Cheeky Monkey website and thought they sounded interesting.  A phone call from lead singer Arunachal with a personal invitation to come to Paddy’s in the hope of meeting was hard to resist.  After the band’s first set, Cheeky Charlie decided to be bold and introduced himself in person. Not only is the band extremely talented musically, but Cheeky Charlie wondered if Arunachal was a scholor or doctor of psychology. He had great insight into the current music fan and musicians which made for a very interesting conversation that was cut short when the next set had to start up.  Time does slip away when you are enjoying yourself.
To his surprise (and slight embarrassment), Arunachal took Cheeky Charlie up on stage with him to introduce him to the audience and to let everyone know that a birthday party was being held in Cheeky Charlie’s honour at Cheeky Monkey on Sunday Sept. 18!
Lickpenny Loafer plays a wonderful mix of originals along with a few cover songs done so well you could close your eyes and think Robert Plant or Bono were on the stage with their own bands. The originals were what really stood out though.  Cheeky Charlie especially liked what they called “their weird song” titled ‘In Retrospect’.
The description of Lickpenny Loafer from their website is very accurate… Weaned on a wide range of influences, the band today draws heavily from contrasting styles and serves up its own version of progressive pop. Driven by soaring vocals and expressive bass melodies, the band exists in a place where Nick Drake, Wilco, and Jeff Buckley might meet for a cup of coffee. With the added influence of contrasting styles such as Miles Davis, The Smiths, D’Angelo, and Radiohead, the music is completed with a layering of various and sundry sounds that both surprise and test the listener.
If this all sounds up your alley, Cheeky Charlie is EXCITED to let you know that you can buy Lickpenny Loafer’s CD at Cheeky Monkey. To listen to 2 streaming tracks and watch a video CLICK HERE.


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