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Pitter Patter Festival

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This email come to my in box recently - thought I'd share with you... PITTER PATTER FEST FIVE; yes, the most accessible and artist friendly music festival in North America is back and bigger for a 5th year! Around 150 talented artists will get the opportunity to perform this year in venues from Ontario to Nova Scotia as this year's festival spans 2200kms! As in past, the entire festival is PAY WHAT YOU CAN for the patrons! The Pitter Patter Music Festival is based on a simple set of principles: Fair compensation to the artists Easy access for the patrons The need to discover and cultivate new Canadian talent The desire to expand the radius of support for new music outside of Toronto By sticking with the above principals and ideals on which the festival was founded Pitter Patter hopes to continue expanding and ultimately envisions itself as a national festival, setting the standard for how Canada supports ...


Saturday Sunshine with Paul Federici

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Saturday Sunshine with Paul...

The early afternoon of Saturday May 19th was the perfect day for singer/songwriter Paul Federici to perform outside in front of Cheeky Monkey.    Our famous Red Carpet was spread out on the sidewalk under the windows, the heavy duty extension cord was plugged in, the rugged old bar stool was positioned just right and the weather was better then perfect. Paul was all set up with his 2 favourite acoustic guitars to play for the passer-bys both on foot, in cars or motorcycles.  Many a green light was missed by drivers who wanted to linger a little longer to hear Paul playing. He did a wonderful mix of cover songs from Bob Dylan, Neil Young, City & Colour and Tragically Hip to name a few, along with his own penned songs.  Cheeky Charlie very much enjoyed his cover versions, but preferred his originals.  Paul has a very sensitive soul and a ...



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Yup you read it right - Bob Dylan CD's on sale on the GREAT DEALS WALL! Titles are: Shot of Love - $5.99 Bob Dylan - $5.99 Very Best of Bob Dylan 70's - $6.99 Very Best of Bob Dylan 60's - $6.99 Dylan - $8.85 John Wesley Harding - $8.85 Blood on the Tracks - $8.85 Oh Mercy - $8.85 Get 'em while supplies last!! While here check out the other bands on the GREAT DEALS WALL like Iron Maiden, Bryan Ferry, Aerosmith, The Band, Edgar Winter, Jesse Cook, Roxy Music and more.


CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS to help spruce up the Downtown

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As you well know, a few years ago the city did extensive work to the streetscape of our Downtown Cultural District.  This included hanging baskets for flowers, but none at street level.  Many of us have taken it upon ourselves to have containers at our front doors to add colour and interest as you stroll the area. One step further, Erin Dunlop of Belly Babe Maternity Boutique on Locheil St. has formed a DOWNTOWN BEAUTIFICATION COMMITEE.  The first job of this committee is install plants around the base of the trees in the entire downtown area which includes both Christina and Front Streets from Wellington to George.  Imagine how pleasant it would look with living plants surrounding the trees, especially when they are in full foliage! This is NOT a city project, although they have been approached to donate some of the unused plants from the city greenhouse.  This is a DOWNTOWN ...


Lovely Music with Erika & Sara

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Lovely Music with Erika &...

We were fortunate enough to work out a date for Erika and Sara to return to the Red Carpet Stage at Cheeky Monkey. Since the last time the ladies were here, we noticed a change in their performance.  A change for the better.  They are both very young and relatively new to playing live shows.   This is no reflection of their talent, which they have tons of.  As they have been getting more chances to play live, they are growing in being more comfortable in front of an audience.  On top of the confidence, they are both now singing which gives more fullness to the songs.  Also they have added in harmonica and tambourine creating more texture and variety. These ladies will keep improving as time goes.  Can't wait to see them play during ArtWalk weekend in less then a month.  I am sure you will enjoy them too.


Jim Chevalier & Friends Heat up May First Friday

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Jim Chevalier & Friends...

The air may have had a slight chill to it outside during the May 4th, 2012 First Friday, but the atmosphere was hot inside Cheeky Monkey thanks to Jim Chevalier, special guest Dave Miner along with the art of Adam Miner and Wendy Starr. Jim is always a true pleasure to hear perform but adding in Dave's guitar work and harmonies made the night's music even sweeter.  Going one step further, Adam Miner joined in with his guitar and vocals on a fab version of The Stones 'Wild Horses.' Adam's paintings also added to the heat of the night.  We at Cheeky Monkey were thrilled to host THE first public showing  of Adam's vibrant Neo expressionist styled art.  Not many of us knew that Adam even painted.  We thought his talent was in the music field as a writer, performer and producer.  His approach to painting is polar opposite to the way he ...


Stopping In While Going From Point A to B

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Stopping In While Going From...

Kevin Morningstar of Edmonton, Alberta and Josh Hughes of Ottawa, Ontario wandered into Cheeky Monkey while on a stop over for lunch.  They are 2 of the members of the Pacific Life Bible College on a 6 week tour performing song and dance in both the U.S. and Canada.  Sarnia was their stop between coming from Fort Wayne Indiana and going to Toronto for the Four Square Churches of Canada Conference.  From there they head to New York, Boston and the Maritime provinces. As the young men were looking around, we overheard one of them say "I've found heaven".   Which made us smile since we know he meant music store heaven - a very special and rare place. Just as this blog was being typed up and photo editing done, Kevin and Josh came back in with the whole gang of performers!  They wanted them to see what a real record store looks ...


Cheeky Charlie Meets Long Lost Relative

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Cheeky Charlie Meets Long Lost...

Cheeky Charlie has many friends and relatives residing with him at Cheeky Monkey but none as big as Otto.  The Race to Erase mascot is a BIG gorilla that dwarfs little Cheeky Charlie.  Despite the size difference they are kin and enjoyed a nice visit together.  CC took time to show Otto around the store and encouraged him to do some shopping while here. The reason Otto dropped by, besides meeting Cheeky Charlie, was to see where the Race had been before.  Several years ago, Cheeky Monkey was on of the check in spots for the annual event.  Who knows, maybe it will be again this year. For those of you not familar with Race to Erase it is an annual fundraiser involving teams of four adults traveling through Lambton County by car and competing in fun-filled events along the way.  These events are designed to be not only be entertaining, but ...


Red Solo WINE Cup as Fundraiser

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Red Solo WINE Cup as...

Good friend, Carol Goodwin, was just in to introduce us to Cathie Blake. Cathie is VERY involved with the Celebration of Lights and has come up with an interesting, unique fundraising idea. Many of you may not know, but Celebration of Lights relies heavily on donations and volunteers to create the magical setting down on the river front each winter. To raise funds to use towards not just more decorations, but to maintain what is already there, some of the hard working volunteers from the Celebration of Lights group will be here, at Cheeky Monkey for the May 4th First Friday selling RED SOLO WINE CUPS. For just $5.00 you can own one of the most interesting wine glasses I have ever seen and help to beautify the waterfront for Sarnia residents and help create a tourist attraction.


Enjoying Art at An Event Apart

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Enjoying Art at An Event Apart

Paintings large and small, pottery, photography, wood turnings, basketry, fabric sculpting can all be found on display and for sale at An Event Apart at the Holiday Inn this weekend. Roland and I had the pleasure of attending the Opening Gala last night (Friday April 27) where we strolled among the beautiful displays of art and chatted with several of the artists on hand. No matter what your taste or budget, there is something for everyone. I personally was very drawn to the glass work, jewelry and bird carving, especially of chickadees. We had an enjoyable visit with photographer Leonard Segall who explained not just techniques used, but told us the fascinating stories behind the photos he chose for this show and sale. An Event Apaprt runs until Sunday afternoon and is a fundraising project for St. Joseph's Hospice. This is a chance to find unique, local and international talent artwork for ...