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April 2012 First Friday Good Time Had By All

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It was a full house at Cheeky Monkey for the April 13th First Friday.  I know, the 13th was the SECOND Friday.  Good Friday fell on the FIRST Friday, and since stores etc can not be open that day, it was pushed back a week.  This happens everytime a stat holiday happens on a First Friday evening.  Sometimes it causes some confusion and the crowds are light.  Not for this month’s event.  The weather was perfect and the streets, stores and galleries were filled with people!

The band playing at Cheeky Monkey was Portrait of You.  This was the third time we’ve hosted them.  Exactly a year ago they played for the 2011 April First Friday (new tradition guys – let’s book it now) and they played on the sidewalk outside the store in the summer when Bayfest organized an artist fair in the downtown to coincide with their rock weekend last year.

Portrait of you has a long playlist of hits and famliar songs.  Cheeky Charlie confided that his personal favourite they played was their version of ‘All these Things I Have Done’ by The Killers.  It was enough different that it made it their own, but enough like the original that he recognized it easily.  Maybe even sang along – it’s hard to tell sometimes with Cheeky Charlie!

Pierre Houle was kind enough to bring in even more of his fabulous photography.  It is official.  He is Cheeky Monkey’s best selling visual artist in the almost 6 years of First Friday events.

Next month it will be the orginal artwork of Adam Miner on the Gallery Walls with music provided by Jim Chevalier and Wendy Starr here to help you with Mother’s Day gifts from her Peace of the Starr hand crafted one-of-a-kind jewelry collection.

Photo credit: Thanks to Pierre Houle


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