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The son of the legendary Leonard Cohen, all his life Adam had sought an artistic space beyond the reach of his father’s looming shadow. “I was never terribly pre-occupied with living up to my family name,” comments Adam: “It was not until I was sitting at the dinner table with my father the left and my two year old son to the right, did I realise that I really wanted to, and I was ready to.” The result of this epiphany is Adam’s new album, Like A Man.

“Like A Man is steeped in my recognizing that I am in the family business. Despite my efforts to carve out a different identity, really I belong to a long line of people who have embraced their father’s business. And to have my father pronounce that I have world-class love songs on my record — “Like A Man” and “What Other Guy” — is a deeply gratifying compliment,’ says Adam.


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