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Trivia Q & A # 25 – 2017

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june 26 muchmusicQ.  What was the first video broadcast on MuchMuisc?

A. The Enemy Within by Rush

On August 31, 1984, MuchMusic, a new video station broadcasting from Toronto hit the airwaves with 3 Video Jockeys and 3 specialty shows. It was Canada’s first 24-hour music video channel and quickly became an influential launch pad for Canadian and International talent, and was instrumental in setting the national agenda of Canadian popular music tastes.

The video for The Enemy Within was the first one made specifically for television air play.  The broadcast of the video was followed by an interview with singer Geddy Lee and a Day One playlist that also included the Fixx, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Yes and Slade.

june 26 graceThe Enemy Within (Part I of Fear) is the fourth track off of Rush’s 1984 album Grace Under Pressure.  It is the first song in the Fear series continued on Moving Pictures, Signals and Vapor Trails. This song deals with phobias and situations that scare people.


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lol, very cool. I always knew that I was missing something on/about MM… I know….no more sleepless nights Maryanne