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Fast Romantics POV On Music Listening Habits

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fast romantic americanThis is an excerpt from an article on FYI Music, dated May 03, 2017 by Jason Schneider.  The interview is with Matthew Angus of FAST ROMANTICS of which local musician Nick McKinlay is the drummer.   He’s the one in the red shirt front & centre in band photo.  This is a fast rising all Canadian band you will want to take a listen to and watch as they skyrocket upward.

Below is an awesome video for song “Julia”.

Q.  If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

The way music is released and consumed now doesn’t inspire long attention spans. All of us, me included, suffer from shorter-than-natural attention spans.

apr 28 fast bandSometimes I fear there’s so much going on and so much noise in the world now that far fewer people sit down and really dig into a record. We spent two years on this album and I know the reality of the situation is that some people have so much to absorb that it’s rare that a new record gets a full listen, or multiple listens. And we’ve made a record here that I think really takes a few listens, front to back, to really make the strongest connection.

There are layers to it you won’t pick up on the first go around. I know that’s a concept that the music business isn’t necessarily set up to support anymore. And maybe that won’t ever change, but my hope is that people manage to find time to listen to this one as an entire 12-song record. Maybe even more than once.

We created it with that in mind. And maybe if more listeners show that they value that sort of thing, the music business will start to support the concept of “full-length records” again and inspire people to dig deeper into them. I think it’s a powerful art form, but maybe that’s just coming from a guy who just finished spending a hell of a long time making one.


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